Pokemon Creation Rules

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Pokemon Creation Rules

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Ok you can have any pokemon you want here as long as its not a legend and its at its first evolution.The pokemon can be from any region as long as its at its first evolution.The pokemon starts at level 5.The pokemon cannot be a pokemon that doesn't go through evolution.If it is tell a mod or admin what pokemon it is and the mod or admin will tell you if its OK. The amount of Exp. needed is equal to the level of that pokemon. An example would be like if I was a LV 15 Pikachu, then he needs 15 Exp. to level up. When you defeat a pokemon, you get Exp. equal to 1/4 of his level. An example would be a LV 15 Pikachu beat a LV 12 mudkip, so Pikachu has 3/15 Exp.For the starter Pokemon its level 5.So for example your Pokemon is fighting a pokemon that's level 2 so when you beat it you will get 1/2 so in this case the Exp Points will be rounded up so your pokemon will get 1 Exps.


The happiness will be based on the pokemon.Every time a pokemon wins a battle you will get 1 happiness point.Every time a pokemon faints you lose 1 Happyness point.Every time your pokemon takes any kind of item that heals him the pokemon gets one point.Everytime a pokemon gets poison, paralized etc he loses one point.The total is 20 plus the level needed to evolve.The user has to keep track of his happyness points and experience points.When a pokemon reaches the level to evolve PM a mod or admin and he will evolve it for you.


When someone uses an attack that lower speeds down, the oppenent has to skip his post.If someone uses a speed attack that makes the pokemon faster (for example agility) the person that did it gets to post 2 times in a row.The user that odes the speed attack can only use it so people when they get a chance won't keep using the speed attack.Any attack does damage equal to 1/4 of the power in the site down there.To find the power of an attack go to this page http://pokemon.marriland.com/diamond_pearl/pokedex.The power of an attack does HALF of the damage its says it does in the attack.For example my Charmander uses Scratch in the site its power is 40 so the damage does 20.Every starter pokemon starts out with 70 HP.Each starter pokemon starts out with 70 Exps and when they grow a level they add 2 Exps..For every level they grow you add 3 HP points.The pokemon starts out with 20 Speed and Accuaracy.Everytime a pokemon grows a level you add 2 Speed and Accuaracy points.If a pokemon does an attack the heightens defence you lower the normal attack by 5 points.For example my Charmander uses iron defence and your Charmander uses scratch.Scratch does 20 damage so what you do is lower the damage by 5 so the total of the damage is 15.If a pokemon gets paralized 1 post they attack and the other post don't attack.If a pokemon is confused 1 post they attack and the other post hurt themselves.The damage is based on the attack used last.Everytime a pokemon is poison they lose 5 HP for 5 turns which ends up the player losing 25 points.If a pokeom is asleep he loses 2 turns BUT he gains 15 hp every turn for a total of 30. HP Speed and Accuaracy stop growing when the pokemon reaches LV 100.A pokemon evolves and learns attacks from this link: http://pokemon.marriland.com/diamond_pearl/pokedex.So for example in this page Charmander learns Smoke Screen at level 10 so in this page he learns it at LV 10 too.In that link Charmander evolves at level 16 so in this page he evolves at level 16 too.When your pokemon reaches the right level to evolve PM a mod or admin and they will change the name etc.Super Effective attacks do 3 more points of damage.Not Very Effective attacks lower 3 points.In this site http://pokemon.marriland.com/diamond_pearl/pokedex put the pokemon your searching for and if you want to know the PP of an attack click on it and you can see it.Important: WE DO NOT KEEP TRACK OF YOUR HP SPEED AND ACCUARACY POINTS, YOU DO.


If your poisoned or burned you lose 5 points every turn for 5 turns. Paralyzed or if your accuracy went down, you attack then the turn after that you skip it. If you are asleep, you lose 2 turns but gain 30 hp. If a pokeom is confused, they attack, then next turn they skip it and lose 10hp for hitting themselves. When frozen they lose 1 turn. You need 20 happiness points and your level needs to be at the right place. All attacks in the link are halved.


You will start out as normal.If your team completes 15 Missions your rank will change to Bronze.If you complete 30 missions your teams rank will change to Silver.If you complete 50 missions your teams rank will change to Gold.If your team completes 100 missions your team will change to Platnium.If you complete 150 missions your teams rank will change to Diamond.If you complete 200 missions your rank will change to Lucario.This is the highest rank.

Pokemon Template

Name Of Pokemon:(Example:Charmander)
Pokemon Pic:(Optional)
Attacks:(Must be the starter attacks of the pokemon)
Type:(Example Fire)
Weak Against:(Example:Water, Rock, and Ground)
Super Effective Against:(Example:Grass and Steel)
HP:(Example (all starter pokemon need to have this number of HP points(70)
Speed:(Example (all starter pokemon need to have this number of speed points)(20)
Accuaracy:(Example (all starter pokemon need to have this number of accuaracy points)(20)[center][left]

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